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Robert Merck
Senior Vice President

MetLife and Hanover have been strategic partners since 2000. Hanover consistently provides high quality and innovative multi-family products. Their customer service is world class. The Hanover team is agile, intelligent and extraordinarily committed. The Hanover Company stands for integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, and strategic focus. Exceeding our expectations seems to be the primary aspiration of The Hanover Company. We are proud to have them as a partner.

Bobby Stewart
VP, Las Colinas Account
Cousins Properties

From start to finish Hanover was a great pleasure to work with. Even though we were on opposite sides of a transaction as Seller and Buyer, we became teammates as we worked through issues for their project. I have worked with many developers in my career, but none more on top of their game than the guys at Hanover. Their attention to detail concerning the entire development process is exceptional. Their corporate character is even more impressive. I will always remember and appreciate the class and integrity for which they conducted their business with me. It was indeed my pleasure.

Thomas Greco
Managing Director North American Equity Investing
GE Commercial Finance Real Estate

The GE Commercial Finance Real Estate/Hanover partnership dates back over 20 years. The Hanover Company's exceptional performance, professionalism and commitment to the highest ethical standards are key reasons for this long-term partnership. We at GE are honored to call The Hanover Company our partner and hope to continue and grow this relationship.

Ken Reese
Senior Vice President

With a shared goal of bringing new urban vitality to a former, 75-acre brownfield site in the heart of Dallas, The Hanover Company has been an ideal development partner to realize Hillwood's vision of the $3+ billion Victory district. We are thrilled that The Hanover Company is bringing its keen understanding of land usage and dedication to building a truly best of breed multi-family high-rise and mixed-use product to Victory Park.

Tim Waikem
First Vice President
JPMorgan Chase Bank

JPMorgan Chase has conducted business with The Hanover Company for over 15 years. We have found that the principals and employees at Hanover are extremely astute, innovative, and professional. The transactions we have been involved with have ranged from senior construction financing to mezzanine financings to advisory business. Every transaction we have been involved with regarding Hanover has been completed as we and Hanover originally expected. I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Hanover and feel like we approach the process as a team. I consider Hanover as one of the premier developers in the country in the multifamily sector.

Dennis King
Senior Vice President
Rosewood Property Company

Doing business with The Hanover Company was one of the best decisions we made for the development of Rosewood Court, a mixed-use project located in the Uptown area of Dallas, Texas. Hanover developed the first phase of the project when it built a high-rise, residential tower known as The Ashton. The overall design and quality of The Ashton not only exceeded our expectations, which were very high, but also ended up being recognized by the industry as an award-winning project, having won 6 or 7 awards at last count, including the prestigious Golden Nugget award as the best high rise residential tower in the country. Needless to say, we were very pleased with the outcome. Also, working with the people at Hanover was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end. Their professionalism and integrity were evident throughout all levels of the organization. Working with Hanover and knowing this type of organization is involved in development makes one proud to be a part of the real estate industry.

Millie Cassidy
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation

Sentinel did its first transaction with Hanover in 1987, and an 18-year relationship is unusual in any business. I think that ours has endured because we share the same values: a strong commitment to quality multifamily housing, and to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our business dealings.

Omar Blaik
Senior Vice President, Facilities and Real Estate Services
University of Pennsylvania

We are excited to be partnering with The Hanover Company, which produces one of the best residential products in the country. Their vision for University City will set a new bar for the Philadelphia market and further establish University City as a thriving destination to live and visit.

Ron Gregory
Vice President
Wells Fargo

Since 1996, Wells Fargo has conducted business with The Hanover Company and each transaction has been handled with the highest degree of professionalism. Hanover is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future partnership opportunities.